Branded Generics

Meeting Medical Needs in Emerging Markets

What are Branded Generics?

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Branded generic pharmaceuticals are medicines that are sold under a brand name but are no longer under a patent.1, 2, 3, 4


Undifferentiated commodity products

Branded Generic

Trusted quality and efficacy

Differentiated products

Innovative packaging and formulations, with more than 400 products in development

Region-specific portfolios

Focus on high-growth markets



Higher-cost, higher-risk development

Finite periods of economic return

High costs that can limit patient access

Abbott’s pharmaceuticals business provides patients in emerging markets access to high-quality, affordable medicines. We have an endless drive to improve medicines and bring meaningful solutions to help people live healthier, fuller lives. We have distinguished ourselves by investing in emerging markets, which have rapidly growing middle classes, fast-growing and aging populations, rising chronic disease and a strong demand for recognized, quality medicines.

— Andrew Lane, Executive Vice President, Established Pharmaceuticals, Abbott

What's On Abbott's Branded Generics Shelf?

Core Therapeutic Areas5

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*Indications and product availability vary by country. Products are not available in the United States. Brand rankings are based on ex-U.S. sales, per IMS.

**By volume


EPD sales growth in 2016 (double-digit growth in key emerging markets)



year reputation for quality, reliability, and world-class scientific culture and expertise




in sales (2016)



manufacturing sites


development centers

Diverse Portfolio

Abbott’s established pharmaceuticals business brings value to patients and customers globally through a growing portfolio of high-quality medicines, by building country-specific portfolios of trusted products to suit local patient needs.

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Localized Strategy

A global presence with localized distribution channels ensures reliable supply and distribution of high-quality products. Co-located manufacturing and development centers increase the speed at which Abbott products reach markets, and they are globally powered to quickly share and leverage innovation across multiple geographies.

Abbott has been delivering high-quality medicine for nearly 130 years. This has built up a great deal of trust, and consumers in emerging markets know they can depend on our quality.

With branded generics, reputation is everything.


Abbott’s global scale and local presence position the company for long-term success in emerging markets. Global scale provides a solid base to remain competitive, particularly when it comes to manufacturing and innovation efficiencies. Local decision-making makes Abbott nimble and flexible to adapt to fast-changing, complex markets.

As doctors and pharmacies continue to recommend Abbott branded generics to address local healthcare needs, consumers continue to build trust and affinity with Abbott’s products.

We have an endless drive to bring meaningful innovation to our markets – in both medicines and the services that go along with them – to help people live healthier, fuller lives.

Value is created by meaningful innovation and improvement, driven by patient needs and patient use.

  • New forms
  • New indications
  • Differentiated packaging
  • Consumer choice/preference
  • Services


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  • New forms
  • New indications
  • Differentiated packaging
  • Consumer choice/preference
  • Services

Branded Generic

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  • New forms
  • New indications
  • Differentiated packaging
  • Consumer choice/preference
  • Services